MP3 Direct Cut 2.19 Free Download


MP3 Direct Cut is the Easy edition for your mp3 files

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MP3 Direct Cut is a simple and free audio edition program that serves for cutting, cropping and for general editing issues. This cutter software suffices the basic necessities of audio edition.

This tiny editor is able to do simple actions to your mp3 files. If you want to cut, copy or paste different audio to your music in a fast way MP3 Direct Cut is a good tool for you. The application also counts with codecs to export your music changing the bitrate of the archive.

The incorporation of LAME codec allows this software to save your music into smaller files without losing too much quality. It admits other kind of files aside MP3 like AAC and WAV archives.

Some basic cutter tools for MP3 Direct Cut

Nowadays simple applications like Audacity have incorporated to its toolbar basic audio editing functions that may help you to getting started in the music world. With MP3 Direct Cut you can normalize or edit your archives quickly enough.

Basic functions like cutting or pasting can be done easily as well as looping sections, but the interesting thing is the cue function. The program can analyze the track and will show it divided by beats for those who enjoy sampling.

Play with the volume

Normalize your files to keep the same level of volume during the entire audio track. If you want to play more with your music MP3 Direct Cut can fade in and fade out the volume in case you want to increase or decrease the sound level.

Extract the audio from dvd and dvb since it supports Layer 2. Take in mind that all the functions you will make won't destruct the audio quality.


If your feel that this application is too simple for you maybe you will want to try some other audio edition tools more advanced. Adobe Audition will bring you all the necessary functions to do a successfully edition. If you are more fond of mixing audio in real time try out Traktor DJ Studio and you will feel like a real DJ.


MP3 Direct Cut is a simple audio tool for basic music necessities and excellent for learning more about this complicated world. Make it simple, make it better.

  • Basic cutter functions
  • Tiny software
  • Volume edition
  • Too simple program for advance users

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