VLC Media Player 2.2.4 Free Download


VLC Media Player: a free multiplatform audio software

VLC Media Player 2.2.4 Free Download screenshot

VLC Media Player is a free multimedia player compatible with almost all formats and available to download for playing music and video files.

This open source software has been constantly updated since the first time it was launched back in 2001. This free latest version includes some features that the advanced users will find it interesting and high compatibility with Windows OS like Windows XP.

The wide range of different file formats it supports is simple, being able to reproduce even incomplete files allowing its preview, pretty useful when you are getting videos. Also VLC Media Player includes tools for everyone in order to cut audio and video or to export into some formats.

Video quality guaranteed using the latest VLC Media Player

The variety of audio and video effects VLC contains makes it a basic player since its customizable options. Apply filters, equalize audio and even video, synchronize subtitles easily and much more useful tools that you will discover with the use.

More than just a multimedia player

In order to make it different, VLC Media Player can play streaming links from the Internet. You will be able to see every TV channel if you find the correct online address as well as broadcasting contents in live.

Create a playlist to reproduce directly bunches of different multimedia content and configure it your way. You will be able to edit your files with this software selecting sections from your favourite videos and then export them into your desire format, VLC con do that.

The large community of users and developers it has, assures the social phenomenon it is since lots of younger coders try to improve the application their way and veterans just enjoy trying to make it even bigger.

Alternative software

You will find some interesting alternatives, but none has the same format support rate. Nero Media Player is a powerful software for watching your videos and playing your music and has compatibility with the whole Nero package. For those who love the classics Media Player Classic is always available, simple and effective for your computer.


VLC Media Player is a media player with a huge compatibility with different formats and Windows OS, making it a very versatile software for any computer as well as it offers many advanced options.

  • Good quality player
  • Rate of formats
  • Easy to download
  • Sometimes it crashes depending on your PC resources

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