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  • Version: 10
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  • Date Updated: SEP-10-2015
  • Developer: CyberLink Corp.

Create, modify and add multiple effects to your multimedia files with PowerDirector

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PowerDirector is an editing tool created by Cyberlink and which users can download to take advantage of its professional features for creating and editing high-definition video. This free trial allows enjoying the functionalities of the previous version 10 plus some enhancements.

This software supports images and sound from different sources and devices such as digital television, video cameras, webcams or microphones, among others.

This video utility makes the process pretty fast, as well as simple and easy. Its interface is also very intuitive and divides the different functions into four main modules (Capture, Create, Edit and Produce) which enable you to access to the task you’re looking for in one single click.

PowerDirector is suitable for any kind of user

At the same time, it offers professional and efficient results for those who are interested in editing multimedia contents, whatever their purpose is work or fun.

PowerDirector is a practical and useful program for all kind of users. Beginners can have a look at online community where people share their experiences or find out tips and guidance about the program.

PowerDirector 10 Features

For those who want to experience all the possibilities this program offers, it provides a large set of tools to edit multimedia contents. Using PowerDirector, you’ll be able to add multiple effects, text (titles or subtitles), transitions, images or audio to enhance your own creations.

Unlike previous editions, it includes an innovative functionality since it offers support for creating 3D videos.

In addition, PowerDirector imports files from different locations and save the work on DVD and Blu-ray. It also includes a library where users can easily organize all of their multimedia files.

Similar alternatives

There are some other alternatives that you can find for free on the Net, such as Windows Movie Maker or Xilisoft Video Editor. Its functionalities are very similar: they are simple, easy to use and you don’t need to be a pro to get good results.


Use your imagination to edit your professional or home videos with this simple, and still professional video tool created by Cyberlink. Your creativity will surprise your family and friends.

30-day trial

  • Simple interface
  • Variety of tools and options
  • Multiple effects
  • Fast
  • Few advanced options

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