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InterVideo WinDVD is a Powerful and Versatile DVD Playback Software

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InterVideo WinDVD is an excellent multimedia player that you can download for free in order to play your favorite DVDs straight from your PC.

This software is a useful application that features the full spectrum of tools of a video player and an array of other functions that will help you to easily play all your DVD videos.

Feature-packed multimedia playback software

InterVideo WinDVD displays a user friendly interface, allowing you to watch all your favorite movies online or on DVD. The software delivers excellent sound quality, thanks in part of its support of Dolby Digital sound.

Movies will never be the same again with the application’s stunningly crisp and clear video quality. The application now also offers support for MP4, MKV and FLV, increasing the software’s range of supported formats. Now you’re sure to enjoy all those other video formats you previously couldn’t play.

You’ll also have the option of choosing from a range of ambient listening. This audio feature lets you increase audio level and decreases the dynamic range, resulting in clearer sounds. The theater effect also allows you to preserve the original full spectrum of your movie’s audio, giving you theater quality sound experience.

InterVideo WinDVD 11 Pro Features

This version of InterVideo WinDVD has some features such as frame rate upconversion, anti-shake, saturation adjustment and enhanced picture upscaling. Frame rate upconversion permits you to smooth out jitters between frames, thereby increasing video clarity. Anti-shake effectively removes excess camera motion, giving you smooth clear video all the way.

The software also lets you adjust color and lighting as well as video upscaling. This results in videos that are almost HD-like in quality coming from standard DVDs.


InterVideo WinDVD is truly an exceptional multimedia tool that gives you crystal clear and smooth playing videos coupled with an amazing cinematic surround sound experience. So, if you want to have an excellent DVD player then you should try and download this application today.

  • Wide range of sound options
  • Excellent video smoothing out effects
  • Anti-shake feature
  • Color and lighting adjustment
  • Feature packed
  • Somewhat buggy

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