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  • Version: Windows Essentials 2012
  • Date Updated: AUG-07-2015
  • Developer: Microsoft.

Create your videos with Windows Live Movie Maker

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Windows Live Movie Maker is a free and simple video edition tool which allows you to make your own projects and share them online. For that reason, this download has been especially designed for people who don’t have a lot of experience in this field and want to carry out this process in the easiest possible way.

This fast application allows you to create personal videos with your own pieces, as well as adding music, images or text. Moreover, it also lets you integrate in your project the multimedia content you download from the Internet. Windows Live Movie Maker is pretty useful for average users since its functions are very easy to use.

Windows Live Movie Maker provides a simple interface to make faster all your actions and to have direct access to all its tools.

Video and music

This application allows to include different kinds of video formats in your project in order to manage them and to edit the way you want. Split into different scenes, set the beginning and the end of each part and add audio files to make your own soundtrack.

The simple tools it provides are the necessary utilities to adjust the video files to your liking. You can speed up or speed down the scenes to your convenience. This way, you will be able to create your project with different pictures and movies and set the desired time.

Create your videos and share them online

In order to make the process even easier, Windows Live Movie Maker provides free templates. Add your files and select the AutoMovie theme that you want and observe the immediate change of your project. In case you desire to configure the different transitions click on the menu and select the way you think is better.

As we already mentioned, when you have finished creating your new movie you can share it online in Facebook, SkyDrive or YouTube, among other social networks. This process is immediate so you won't need to upload your videos by yourself since the application will rid with it to make it easier. Moreover, if your friends like your video, they will be also able to download it once you have uploaded your creation.

Alternatives to Windows Live Movie Maker

If you feel that Windows Live Movie Maker doesn’t have the advanced tools you need, there are other programs that can suit your needs, such as Adobe Premiere Pro. If you even want a more powerful application, SONY Vegas Pro may suffice your necessities.


Windows Live Movie Maker is a good tool for users who want to start editing simple and easy videos as a hobby. Add different clips, audio tracks and include text the simplest way with the tools included in this program.

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  • Video compatibility
  • Sharing options
  • Free
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