Sound Forge 10.0.507 Free Download


Sound Forge is an audio editor that will make your work sound like a pro

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Sound Forge is a free audio editing software developed by Sony that you can download for mastering audio tracks. It is designed for both professional and semi-professional users.

It provides professional quality in your audio editing. It also focuses with characteristics especially concentrated to optimize the audio for Internet and for its comprehension which makes it all set for redistribution.

Professional touch of Sound Forge

Sound Forge gives your audio editing a professional touch. It offers a wide array of tools that you could use in your project that will help provide top quality output. It also contains various filters that you could make use of for sound reduction and the possibility of mastering CDs with this brilliant program.

This advanced program developed by Sony makes it a better choice than MP3 Direct Cut and Audio Edit Gold. Sound Forge will not just enable you to record, it is also a useful tool thanks to which you can edit audio, burn a CD or convert files in a fast and easy way.

Technical specifications

This software can synchronize video and audio, having a quality and precision made in a studio. Sound Forge supports WMV, which is the standard format for videos in Windows, and adds effects to your music.

Besides that, it may look simple and only requires the user to have some experience and knowledge about the software to make use of its various functions. Sound Forge supports almost any format such as WAV, AIFF and MP3 and offers QuickTime support.


Sound Forge is an audio editing software that can help you provide high quality edited audio products. It will give a professional touch to your work without having a professional editor. It is like a studio built in your own computer.

  • Gives high quality of editing
  • Easy process
  • Free
  • A bit difficult for beginners

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