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Cool Edit Pro a very cool sound edition software for professionals and music lovers

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Cool Edit Pro is an audio edition program to edit and improve your audio files that you can get for free. The 2.0 version or the latest 2.1 are some of the download options you have so you can mix your sound files using your full imagination.

Cool Edit Pro 2.1 Features

It has been acquired by Adobe, whose version is called Adobe Audition. Although the new software has been completed with other features its main functions remain the same and you will still enhance your tracks without the necessity of changing to the new version.

This is a great option for users that don’t want to get used to a new program and prefer to work with familiar software. Let your full creativity flow with the lifelong version of Cool Edit Pro.

Loads of effects to your tracks

Cool Edit Pro is used to edit and record your tracks in an effective way. The program has a wide range of full effects like adding reverb to your tracks or removing excessive noise of your audio files.

Although it could be a little bit difficult if you don’t have used any audio editing software before, its solid functional interface and guidelines will allow you moving around the program easily. Moreover, you can download more tutorials in case you need them.

If you are one of those who like messing around with software, this is your opportunity to improve your knowledge in audio edition. On the other hand if you only want to convert tracks or to cut audio files you can try with other free and simpler alternatives as Wave Editor.

Another important feature is that Cool Edit Pro works with multiple tracks and it is also possible to mute the ones you want. This program allows previewing your results while you are working as well.

Great compatibility

With this version of software you don’t have to worry if there is a format which is not compatible with the program. Thanks to its wide compatibility it will be possible to export a lot of audio files simply.

There are other programs to download such as Sound Forge with similar features to edit your sound in high quality and to improve your work. Just one recommendation, it is not apt for beginners.


With your imagination and a little bit of patience to get used to the program, Cool Edit Pro 2.0 or 2.1 can offer you a professional result to your audio files thanks to its variety of sound effects and compatibility issues.

  • Compatible with a lot of formats
  • Preview files
  • Good appearance
  • Full free trial
  • Some complex functions for novice users

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