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  • Version: 6.3.0 Build 184
  • Date Updated: JUN-06-2016
  • Developer: Frostwire.

Get it faster with the latest version FrostWire

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FrostWire is a free peer to peer file sharing application software which is able to download the latest files as long as users have them.

It is a file sharing system dedicated for speed, safe uploading and downloading data online. Now you will find any file or data you need with its user-friendly interface with just one click.

With a lot of file sharing software such as uTorrent, this software is comparably faster, more efficient, safer, easier to use and highly configurable for advanced users. It has access to a vast database which supports the BitTorrent network. You can now download and share your files and even preview them.

FrostWire is fast, safe and handy

FrostWire features a high-speed connectivity, a custom-made interface, magnet links, media library and iTunes compatibility among other features. Its custom-made interface makes it easy to navigate and operate. Its magnet links on the other hand, makes it easy to track URL sources.

You can also share your files through your Android devices through your local Wi-Fi. Just open the app, share your files and start streaming.

Effective and Reliable

Frostwire operates on low resources. You can now run any application and do other tasks with it. You can also determine the speed limit for your download and still maintain the bandwidth speed of your computer.

Another great addition is an online community chat room for technical support and Frequently Asked Questions which be a great function for beginners.


FrostWire is an excellent file sharing application that gives you an easy way to find everything you are looking for. The high download speeds are similar to other peer to peer file sharing applications.

  • High speed downloads
  • High transfer rate
  • Easy to use interface
  • Media Library
  • Several studies are not precise

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