Adobe PageMaker 7.0.2 Free Download


Adobe PageMaker is a page layout program for professional and personal use

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Adobe PageMaker is a graphic application tool which allows you to create, design and print any kind of document.

There are files that don’t need complicated programs because their contents are very simple. But when you need to create presentations and similar projects with a professional touch, Adobe PageMaker could be very useful.

For instance, Adobe PageMaker creates various kinds of advertising documents, such as flyers, as well as posters or reports. If you want to turn a simple document to something that is highly structured and professional looking, this program is for you.

Adobe PageMaker is a program you can rely on

As we mentioned above, Adobe PageMaker is a program that could be useful in creating files that needs to be printed. Another remarkable feature of this program is that Adobe PageMaker exports documents via PDF files

Adobe PageMaker is especially advisable for people who are already using desktop publishing programs. It is probably more difficult to use than other programs that can be easily accessed like Paint.NET or Microsoft Office 2010.

Both Microsoft’s programs are much simpler for beginners while Adobe PageMaker is packed with more tools and commands. For that reason, it would be more useful in creating files with a special and original touch than the two mentioned programs.

Besides that, it is important to note that Adobe PageMaker can be incorporated with Adobe’s line of products and relies on Adobe System’s protocol.


Adobe PageMaker is a useful tool for creating simple printed documents in a fast way. It could help your files more organized and more presentable as they are needed to.

You can use it only for 30 days

  • Makes printed files more organized
  • A practical publishing application
  • Intuitive interface
  • Creates PDF documents
  • Starting to be outdated
  • Not advisable for beginners

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