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Rhinoceros, a 3D modeler to work with NURBS curves

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Rhinoceros is a design tool which allows you to model, create, edit and analyze NURBS curves as well as other surfaces and solids.

Thanks to this utility, you will be able to manage any design. Rhinoceros is a versatile 3D modeler which is focused on object creation. Besides, it works at a high speed, is very precise and is able to create high-quality presentations which suite the requirements of professional environments.

This program is able to work on any project without any size restrictions; Rhinoceros can handle both big and small projects. Another good thing about this software is that it is compatible with other design programs. Thanks to this useful feature, you can easily copy elements from other applications.

Rhinoceros 5.4.30524 Features

Its interface is similar to the classic ones other design utilities use. It includes panels and toolbars with several tabs and sections which integrate all the tools for editing and object creation.

For example, you can make pencil sketches, draw, produce symmetrical duplicates, scan information, create elements by coordinates, or turn 3D objects to 2D surfaces, among others. Besides, it allows you to modify your model’s view and facilitates you to check the progress of your work with presentations and rendered display modes.

Similar alternatives to Rhinoceros

If you are looking for programs with the same kind of functionalities, there are some of them available. For example, AutoCAD is a computer-aided design utility which can help you to design, create and modify objects or any drawing in both 2D and 3D.

On the other hand, there is a program called Surfer which is especially useful for professionals like architects or engineers who have to work with contour creation or 3D surface mapping.


Rhinoceros is a design software which is especially developed for people who have to work with NURBS curves, as it suits the needs of users who have an advanced knowledge in this field.

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