Adobe After Effects CC 2015.3 Free Download


Professional video edition software created by Adobe

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Adobe After Effects is a useful graphic editor to edit videos, create graphics in 2D or 3D in motion or add any kind of visual effect to your projects. Since this is a download especially designed for multimedia professionals, we suggest you to use the free version before purchasing the full software.

Adobe After Effects incorporates new features to enhance professional content. It is very similar to the popular photo editor of the same developer, Adobe Photoshop, but it only works with video. The ultimate improvement of the program is that it is available for 64-bit OS.

Adobe After Effects CC 2015.3 Features

Thanks to its global performance cache, with Adobe After Effects you will be able to edit your projects faster, since it stores your previews to offer you the best interactivity. This way you will create more in less time.

The new set of features are for example RotoBrush which lets you to take figures and put them anywhere you want with no need of using a chroma key. The 3D Camera Tracker has been also included, a tool capable of tracking 3D elements totally as well as the Ray-trace to extrude text and shapes completely.

Adobe After Effects has also upgraded all its previous features to improve your creativity with more built-in effects as blur lens, colour correction effects thanks to Colour Finesse, distortion, etc.

Integration with other software

Currently there is no another graphic editor that provides similar visual effects as Adobe After Effects. There is SONY Vegas Pro or another download from the same family: Adobe Premiere Pro. However, the results will not be the same.

Adobe After Effects allows your projects to be equal to cinema visual effects since it works with an easier workflow and better quality. This program also provides integration with Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe Illustrator, in which you can convert Illustrator vector into shape layers easily.


With Adobe After Effects you will turn your projects into professional stuff adding visual effects, creating motion 3D graphics and enhancing your videos. Thanks to this program you will work faster and easier.

30 day trial

  • High quality effects
  • Loads of features
  • Integration with Adobe programs
  • A bit difficult for novice users
  • No free download available for the full program

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