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  • License type: TRIAL
  • Version: 12.5.01900
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  • Date Updated: SEP-08-2015
  • Developer: Nero AG.

Nero ShowTime: A Single App to Enjoy Your Multimedia Files

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Nero ShowTime is a media player that you can download if you are interested in playing multimedia files from different sources. With this application you will be free to play video and audio files without any concern due to its easy functionality.

Nero ShowTime reproduces quality multimedia files by incorporating a number of post-processing technologies. It can increase the fidelity of sounds in media files by reducing noise. On the other hand, viewing videos is controlled through a simple interface that includes basic commands and some extra-added adjustments.

It also offers customizations for DVD, video and audio settings. Other interesting features include frame capture for taking snapshots of currently playing videos, video bookmark to remember a favorite scene, new image settings to add film effects and, time search feature to add target time scene jump.

An Easy to Use Multimedia Player

Nero ShowTime offers stability and simplicity what makes it a viable alternative for choosing a player. It is very easy to set up because its developers were keen to produce an application that would work without creating user problems. Its interface is very easy to use with all the functions readily available. Its integrated right-click menu also offers a comprehensive selection of features.

Free alternatives to Nero ShowTime

if you are interested in the same kind of features, there are other media players that are available to download on the Internet. One of those is Windows Media Player which is able to reproduce basic video files and music as well. Another is VLC Media Player which plays an astonishing number of formats, ideal for those media lovers.


Managing multimedia files is a very common task we face on a daily basis. At work or at home, multimedia files are a ubiquitous part of our lives. Good thing Nero ShowTime was developed to help handle the wide variety of audio and video files we use.


  • Nero Digital, DVD, AVI, VCD, miniDVD, MPEG-1/-2, S/PDIF, LPCM, SVCD, Dolby Digital AC3, H.264

  • Easy to use compared to similar players
  • Supports a wide range of multimedia formats
  • Superior quality image and sound
  • Some functions are outdated
  • Switches Aero effects off when used with Windows 7

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