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YouTube Downloader is a downloads application that gives you freedom in downloading for free any video from websites such as YouTube and Facebook, then converting it to another video format, including the latest and most actual ones.

In top download sites, you may notice a lot of highly-recommended video downloaders listed in search results. This new version of YouTube Downloader is one of them, and it is a popular favorite among video site visitors worldwide due to its noteworthy features.

Useful options of YouTube Downloader

Youtube Downloader is a user-friendly download tool that allows copying and pasting of URLs to initiate downloading process. Once you specify the URL of the video you have chosen to download, just click the OK button and that's it.

Watch the latest videos anywhere and at any time you please. With YouTube Downloader you can quickly convert videos you have downloaded for viewing using smartphones, gaming consoles, media player PC applications and mp3 players. This application will run smoothly in your computer, especially if you use Windows XP.

It lets you do categorization, sorting and playlist building with your favorite videos. This way, you can view all your videos in the order you prefer. Youtube Downloader is often compared to another lightweight program like save2pc Full, which is lightweight and not complicated to use at all.


Youtube Downloader is a user-friendly application for downloading videos online. It boasts of more than just a handful of features making it an all-time favorite in various download sites. You are your own boss when it comes to acquiring and managing your downloads in just a few simple steps.

  • Works twice as fast
  • Downloads HD formats
  • Works specially good on Windows XP
  • Few advanced functions

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