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  • Version: 5.5.16
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  • Date Updated: MAY-22-2015

Share and download your favourite contents on the web with LimeWire

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LimeWire, is a free file Exchange program which enables the user to download all sorts of contents from the. As any other Torrent client, it consists of a large community of people who share files with other users who are interested in the same contents.

This program downloads files in an efficient way and at a high speed as it doesn’t use a lot your computer resources, although it is better to use powerful operating system like Win7 or newer. Due to its large community of users, you’ll always find the content you are seeking for.

Despite it is mainly focused on downloading files, LimeWire provides other functionalities such as a chat room where users can meet other people.

However, as we mentioned above, this platform is no longer available. If you are a former user of LimeWire, we’ve compiled a list of Torrent client viable alternatives: uTorrent, FrostWire and Ares. These three programs are free, easy to use, fast and legal.

Last µTorrent version

It’s simple, efficient, works at a high speed and doesn’t use a lot your system resources. This program is suitable for any user as it has guides for newbies and advanced settings for experienced users as RSS feed and automatic shutdown.

µTorrent is a smart P2P client as it adjusts the use of bandwidth while you’re downloading. This way, you can still using your computer without any trouble as well as downloading multiple files, playing streaming media, sharing and rating contents.


Its interface is pretty intuitive and minimalistic. It has a search bar divided by categories and allows the user to access to Internet radio stations.

FrostWire offers an interesting feature for sharing files with people you already know. If you type your friend’s IP address you’ll be quickly redirected to their contents. This tool can be also useful at work, as you can download, share and send large files to your colleagues.


This open source platform is also very easy to use, intuitive and enables the user to download several files at the same time. Besides that, you can preview content while they are being downloaded. Ares is an excellent program to get your files easily.

While using this program you can also create or join chat rooms where you can ask other users about its functioning, recommended files or whatever you want. There are thousands of them and you can easily meet people with the same interests as you.


If you aren’t sure about the alternative, we recommend you to try them out and check which one is right for you. As soon as you see how they work, you won’t miss LimeWire any more.

Please note: LimeWire is no longer available. The P2P program is under a court order which disables the distribution of any type of content due to copyright infringement.

  • Fast
  • Free
  • Intuitive
  • Thousands of files
  • LimeWire is no longer available
  • Sometimes, these platforms don’t download the content that the user is expecting

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