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  • Date Updated: MAY-17-2016
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Have your music and video organized and take them wherever you want with iTunes

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iTunes is a free audio software developed by Apple. It is the media player that Mac, iPhone or iPod owners download by default for taking full advantage of their devices.

This software opens automatically to synchronize the information from your device to your Windows OS computer and keep it safe and organized.

iTunes reproduces high quality music and video. Besides that, its great compatibility with any file extension makes it a complete media player for users. This ultimate version is available for any Windows OS, such as XP.

iTunes lets you access your content from anywhere

The new interface of iTunes has been redesigned making it easier to use for everyone. This time your music library view will occupy all space. Of course, if you want to search your music by artists, genres or turn on the radio you still can do it quickly thanks to its bar placed above. The program has also added suggestions of albums or music news like other programs such as Spotify or Winamp Full.

iTunes integrates the online storage iCloud, the new Apple application, where you can save everything you download instead of having all of your stuff multiplied in all your devices.

If you want to access from the iPad to the music you have in the iPod now it is possible just by one click. All the music, TV & films, and so on that you have bought in iTunes store will be available with iCloud.

An easy way to suit your needs

A new feature in iTunes is the “Up next” option which allows you to put songs in queue. This gives you the possibility to add audio files to your track list without going to the start-up screen.

It is an easy way to organize your music without moving around the audio player. Besides, the search engine is very useful to find any album or artist that you want to hear.

iTunes gathers all of your devices thanks to a button placed at the top of the interface. By clicking on it you will be able to see your devices information in detail.

Also, the iTunes Store is available with iTunes in which you can download music albums, films, podcasts and so on. You can access to the App store and enjoy free or paid apps for all your devices.


iTunes is an excellent media player compatible with a lot of audio files and a very easy to use tool to have organized all your music and devices information.

  • Easy interface
  • iCloud support
  • Access to App Store and iTunes store
  • Free media player
  • Doesn’t have streaming service

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