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  • Date Updated: AUG-21-2015
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See how the world looks like from one single click with this new version of Google Earth

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Google Earth is a geography tool which allows you to explore the planet where you live. It will work with your computer even better that the versions of 2010 and 2011, especially if you have Windows XP and you can download it for free.

As its name suggests, it is the new version of this program developed by Google which has added ameliorations to the previous ones of 2010 and 2011 It’s a free download that allows the user to see aerial or satellite images of our planet.

Wherever your location is, Google Earth allows you to explore any place of the world through your computer. The zoom is very powerful and you’ll get very close from the place you want to see.

Besides that, Google Earth allows to see these images very fast, by clicking a few times for increasing the zoom level, and in great detail.

Google Earth Features

Google Earth includes layers of supplementary content that you can add to your map. This way, it provides useful information and an incredibly realistic result.

This way, Google Earth provides interesting details and images about places of interest, directions, 3D buildings, businesses or restaurants. In addition, this tool is not limited to street or cities as you can also navigate to explore the nature: oceans, mountains, national parks or undiscovered landscapes are available within this mapping software.

Tutorials for every user

Google Earth is an easy and intuitive but yet powerful tool for everyone. It also has tutorials for different kinds of users. For those who are familiar with the tool and want to take advantage of all its functionalities, Google has created tutorials that teach to record a trip or to import KLM, KMZ and GPS data.

On the other hand, it offers more basic videos related to the Street View option (which shows in detail the street you’ve previously selected), how to look for a specific place or take and share a screen shot.


If you don’t like Google Earth, there is an available alternative: Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D, another free virtual globe. It offers the user some functionalities such as aerial and satellite photographs, directions, city maps or traffic reports. Another alternative would be NASA World Wind which also offers detailed information about our planet. However, we recommend you Google Earth since it’s more advanced in terms of technology and features.


Google Earth is not just a map. Download this geography tool and experience the feeling of being virtually transported to any place of the world. Furthermore it will be suitable for your Windows XP among other OS

  • Multiple layers
  • Free
  • Powerful zoom
  • Great detail
  • Tutorials for both beginners and experts
  • Some parts of the Earth are not available in great detail
  • It needs high speed Internet connection

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