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  • Date Updated: MAR-28-2016
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Automate your IRC transfers and connections easily with mIRC

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mIRC is an IRC client that allows users chatting and participating in discussion forums by using the Internet Relay Chat protocol.

It helps to build users connections worldwide thanks to the chat capabilities it brings. mIRC promotes real-time communication in both one-to-one and group modes.

mIRC uses scripting language to automate IRC actions and gives the possibility of customizing the program until it fits users’ needs. Besides that, with mIRC users can transfer files.

Even though it is a trial version, any feature has been restricted, not even access to IRC network. In other words, users will be given a full-featured opportunity.

mIRC has a user-friendly interface

Its simple and intuitive interface makes this program suitable for both novice and experienced users. Nevertheless, in case they face problems, there is a help file to deal with those unexpected circumstances. It provides a left-hand sidebar and cascade or tile options.

Installation and steps to follow

Users can choose whether to run the program by installing it on the computer or as a portable application stored in a USB device. Installation process only takes a couple of minutes and users will only need to press ‘Next’ buttons.

Once it is done, they will need to enter a nickname, an alternative one (in case it is taken by strangers), and a contact e-mail and select their preferred server. Then, they will just have to join a channel (number is unlimited) to start their chatting experience. Besides that, lists of favorite channels can be created.

Further possibilities

mIRC’s wizard provides the chance to get automatic updates and backups, as well as programmable menu bars. It also supports proxy configuration and IPv6 protocol. Besides, it is possible to encrypt files and customize notifications and sounds.

Similar software

mIRC Power Pack Lite is aimed for those mIRC users especially devoted to games. It provides a script to interconnect games’ chats. Another alternative is mIRC Power Pack, which provides five versions for games and around 30 IRC nets.


With mIRC, users are given the possibility to enhance their chatting experience by automating their IRC functions.

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