Adobe Reader 11.0.3 Free Download


View, share and process all your PDF files with Adobe Reader

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Adobe Reader is a free viewer tool which is necessary to see PDF documents on your computer. When you download it, you will notice that it runs perfectly with Windows XP and Windows 7, but it also works in other version.

Adobe Reader allows you to open, read and print PDF files, as well as comment and share documents easily. It’s compatible with any kind of PDF document and enables you to process them fast.

The main functionality of this sort of tools is that you can process documents and preserve the format, with disregard of the word processor that was used to create the file. Besides that, with the PDF format you can be sure that nobody can modify your documents, in contrast to Word files, for example.

Adobe Reader 11.0.3 Features

Compared to previous versions, Adobe Reader still includes the classic tools that made it an essential program for those who need to view PDF files on their computer: zoom, text and image selection, search words on the document, read out loud or print, among others.

Besides that, this PDF reader also includes a couple of new features: the share tool and the possibility of leaving comments. With Adobe Reader you can share documents by email.

Thanks to the Protected Mode and other security improvements, you won’t have to worry about personal data theft or another potential risk. Filling in forms and opening a document are even safer than before.

This version is faster than the old ones. The interface, which is clear and simple, makes this file viewer very easy to use.

Other alternatives of Reading PDF files for Windows

There are also some similar alternatives to this viewer tool. For instance, Foxit PDF Reader offers the same functionalities as Adobe Reader but it uses fewer resources.

On the other hand, PDF-XChange Viewer also includes similar features and its appearance is highly customizable. However, the download takes longer and it consumes more of your system resources than Foxit PDF Reader.


Everyone has to process a PDF file at some time, so download Adobe Reader now and start taking advantage of this useful and practical viewer tool.

  • Fast
  • Free
  • Safe
  • New features: sharing documents and leaving comments
  • Few new functions

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