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  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: 12
  • Date Updated: SEP-28-2017
  • Developer: Microsoft.

Enjoy your music, videos and pictures everywhere with Windows Media Player

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Windows Media Player is a free media app that allows you to reproduce multimedia content and download additional elements such as images or codecs. Its ultimate version provides enhanced features and tools to play songs and videos from anywhere. In addition, it offers support for different Windows versions such as XP or Vista.

With Windows Media Player you can play and synchronize your content to mobiles platforms easily. You will have unlimited access to your music and videos regardless of where you are. Its great compatibility of formats and its renewed interface and simplicity make this media player a very good option when it comes to reproducing your multimedia content.

This version has also included several additional functions –add-ons- related to online services in order to enjoy full time the possibilities it offers.

Better functions of Windows Media Player 11

All of these new functions can compete perfectly with the new version of iTunes since this media app has improved the concept of just a video player by including an online store service. Thanks to it you will be able to take a look to music upgrades, listen to the radio streaming or even download thousands of free skins to customize your program appearance.

In terms of creating a music list it has a simpler method by only dragging and dropping all the files you want to add into your collection. Windows Media Player 11 has also improved its search engine in which it is easier to look for an album or an artist and quickly find it.

Another new feature is the Remote Media Streaming service, that is, mobile integration that allows you to synchronize your media to your phone and listen to your music and video lists wherever you are. All of these features have made this media player to be compared with other similar programs as Spotify.

A fresh new look

This player offers a complete new appearance compared to previous editions. The new interface is much simpler than before and now you can customize it. For example, if you don’t want it to occupy full screen you can change the size and the program will appear in the taskbar.


The last version of Windows Media Player 11 has introduced a renewed look and functions to allow the user a simple media interaction and easy-to-use performance that will let us enjoy our favourite music and videos.

  • Faster search engine
  • Simple download and free software
  • Mobile integration
  • Online service
  • Supports different Windows versions like XP or Vista
  • Stability problems with mobile platforms

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