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  • Version: 7.9.6 build 42179
  • Date Updated: APR-07-2016
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Download files in a fast way using BitTorrent

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BitTorrent is a free file sharing platform which allows users to download all kind of files which are on the Internet. It works with torrents and it runs perfectly in Windows 7, but you can also use it in the previous ones without any problem.

BitTorrent works as a huge community of people, who constantly upload, share and download the variety of contents we mentioned above. In fact, its efficiency depends on the number of people who is using the platform: the more users the file has, the faster the download is.

As its name suggests, BitTorrent is a torrent client which is used for both beginners and experienced users. It has a user-friendly interface and its installation is pretty straightforward. Although there are some advanced settings, defaults configurations are okay for those who just want to concentrate on the downloading process.

On the other hand, advanced users can customize the platform as they want. For instance, you can manage shortcuts, include the program on the list of firewall exceptions and start running BitTorrent as soon as you switch on the PC.

BitTorrent 7.9.6 build 42179 Features

Once you’ve downloaded BitTorrent, you’ll see its clear interface. It presents a search bar where the user can look for the files, allows checking the active downloads and organize categories and sections into columns.

In addition, BitTorrent has an integrated search box, which allows you to seek exclusive contents in the local BitTorrent website, and a video player.

Due to its usage of the bandwidth, BitTorrent allows multiple downloads at the same time as it adjusts the speed while you’re downloading. This way, the system avoids connection problems and makes possible to use the computer to download several files.

BitTorrent alternatives which Windows supports

As we mentioned above, BitTorrent downloads files in a fast way. However, there are some other P2P platforms available.

uTorrent is probably the most similar alternative to BitTorrent, as they both have in common some modules and windows. Ares is another open source platform which is easy to use and intuitive. Both are quite efficient and allow you to download many files simultaneously.


Remember that the success of BitTorrent depends on the massive online network which uses the platform. Make it bigger and see how quick the process is.

  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • Safety
  • Thousands of contents
  • As any similar program, it doesn’t always download the expected files

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