Mozilla Firefox 48.0.2 Free Download


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  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: 48.0.2
  • Date Updated: SEP-06-2016
  • Developer: Mozilla.

Improve your navigation with the ultimate version of the popular web browser, Mozilla Firefox

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Mozilla Firefox is one of the most used web browsers worldwide. It includes a wide range of options to make your Internet navigation an easy and fast process.

In order to stay equalised with competitors such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, it has improved its engine and its functions in order to keep innovating.

Thanks to its simple installation and interface you will not have any problem while surfing the Internet and your speed navigation will be better.

What can you do?

With this browser your navigation will be safe and its look will help you to access the Internet easily and fast. Mozilla Firefox used tabs for making multiple searches and it was one of the first browsers to add this feature. Its secure measures have been also improved particularly when you are doing Google searches.

Mozilla Firefox is completely customizable. One of its new features is that you can integrate Facebook on your browser thanks to a button placed on the interface to provide information of your contacts and the possibility to chat with your friends while you are navigating.

When you open a new tab to visit a webpage, it displays quick access icons or the most popular pages you have recently visited. These icons can be modified or placed wherever you want to edit your browser appearance. With this new version of Mozilla Firefox you can change the look of your web browser making it unique for you.

Secret navigation and download process of Mozilla Firefox

Besides its new basic functions, with Mozilla Firefox you can use the Private Browsing, an option to surf the Internet privately, as it doesn’t save your data and the pages you have visited.

If you download something, your files will be gathered on the top of the browser, on a green arrow, and if you click on it your download will be performed along with your preferences.

Mozilla has multiple plug-ins and add-ons available that you can install to customize your navigation experience but, of course, the software always warns you about virus threats and spyware.


If Mozilla Firefox was on the podium of the top web browsers before, with its improved new features it keeps on the same track as its competitors providing a quick and an excellent navigation.

  • Better security issues
  • Fast
  • Social network’s integration
  • User friendly, customizable look
  • Some memory issues

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