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  • Version: 2.0 1.1.2
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  • Date Updated: FEB-10-2014
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Wifi Unlocker prevent passwords theft

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Wifi Unlocker is an internet tool very useful to recover passwords or audit your wireless connection security.

This utility is very easy to use and in just a few minutes it calculates a variety of wireless connections default passwords thanks to its algorithms.

This application supports a wide range of modems models and installation process is really simple. If you are one of those who forgets his password easily this is your tool.

What does Wifi Unlocker capable of?

Wifi Unlocker can show wifi passwords quickly. Its works really simple, when you run the app it starts looking for networks. This process may vary depending on where you are, -remember it will be easier to find your connection next to your modem that on the mountains- but in one click you will have a list of possible vulnerable networks. Available networks will be displayed in green and the rest in blue.

When you have selected your network the program will show the password and you will be able to copy it on your SD card or share it on your notepad application. It is highly recommended that if your network is vulnerable you better change it in order to prevent theft.

Wifi Unlocker works efficiently on your device so it is one of the most used applications to keep our network safe. There are on the market multiple options with similar functionalities but with not so much format support.

Wifitracker, for instance, looks for Wi-Fi connections near you and it automatically saves its location with the possibility of exporting this file and sharing it on Google Earth.

Otherwise, if you want your wireless connection not to be always available you can try with Wifi OnOff. It gives you the possibility of connect and disconnect your connection when you want in just one click.


Wifi Unlocker is a practical Internet tool to warn you if your network is safe or not. It is very important to tell you that making good use of this application is up to you and using Wifi Unlocker for other uses constitutes a felony.

  • Free
  • Simple installation
  • Easy to use
  • Does not support a lot of modems

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