Counter-Strike Zombie 2 0.57 Free Download


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  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: 0.57
  • File Size: 1.07GB
  • Date Updated: JUL-20-2015
  • Developer: Valve

Counter-Strike Zombie 2: The undead mod of the legendary FPS

Counter-Strike Zombie 2 0.57 Free Download screenshot

Counter-Strike Zombie 2 is a free mod of the FPS Counter-Strike game.

This modification can be used in any map and you don’t need any requisite, you only must have CS installed in order to download this software.

This mod is like the legendary action game based on Half Life, so the gameplay remains the same: two teams, terrorists and counter terrorists. You will be in charge of finishing all the members of the opposite group in different maps and levels.

As we know, Counter Strike is multiplayer. But besides that, this mod has come with zombies on it. Graphics and environment around the game raise the blood pressure and anything is what it seems.

There’s no place to hide

In Counter Strike Zombie 2 you can turn into a zombie. And after that, the goal will be not to get hurt by one of them and finishing all zombies of the planet or the game will be over for you. All of them have only one weapon, a knife, and they won’t hesitate whether using it or not.

Zombies are designed with better physical conditions that humans; they can run faster besides they have night vision so it will be easier for them to catch you.

Many ways to scape Counter-Strike Zombie 2

Counter Strike Zombie 2's graphics are dark and gloomy which makes it difficult to see if there’s a zombie around you. Instead of light you have many hiding places where you can protect yourself from them.

Besides that, graphics and gameplay remain the same as the original Counter Strike. With this modification you will enjoy your long-life FPS with a new argument and characters.

You can also try Call of Duty if you want a more realistic action gameplay but this option keeps alive the CS old spirit with a new touch. You can play Halo too if you want to play in a different universe.


Counter Strike Zombie 2 is the new mod for CS with the same essence of the action game but with something new: you have to fight against zombies and take care of not turning into one of them or you will lose the game.

  • Easy installation
  • No necessary requirements
  • New gameplay
  • It looks a bit outmoded

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