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GTA San Andreas Car Pack:Look at my new car!

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GTA San Andreas Car Pack is a free mod that adds over 80 cars, to the original vehicles included on the PC's game, when you download it.

This edition of the classical series GTA has been one of the most popular PG games lately thanks to its different mods. In this case, GTA San Andreas Car Pack adds multiple cars clearly different from the included in the basic game. In order to make it function you need to have the original game installed on your computer.

This mod adds some variety for those who are tired of seeing the same cars over and over. If you want to pimp up with brand new rides this is your best chance with this pack.

Who wants to ride with me?

Among the different new cars there are vans, sport cars and new police vehicles to enjoy with them at the same well known place as the fictional city of San Andreas. The only change in GTA San Andreas Car Pack is the cars. The game is still the same with its original features except for this addition.

The bad thing of this pack is that it may present some graphical bugs during the game, but it is nothing to be worry about because they are minor fails. It also replaces the original cars of the game for those included in this pack.

The variety in the mods' world of GTA San Andreas Car Pack for PC

The PC gaming world is very customisable, maybe that is one of its great advantages between computer games and video consoles. This adds multiple new forms of enjoying the same application.

Among this modifications we can stand Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas, which is an online multiplayer modification of the game to interact with other players around the world. Also GTA: San Andreas Zombie Alarm Mod that will delight those who are addicted to zombie games.


GTA San Andreas Car Pack is a good mod for the original game which adds multiple new vehicles for you and that is always good news.

  • Multiple cars addition
  • Same game as always
  • Some graphical failures
  • Replace the original cars

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