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  • Date Updated: MAY-27-2014
  • Developer: eBuddy B.V.

One of the most reliable instant messengers on Windows platform

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While there are quite a few Instant Messaging programs that you can get today, none of them is as stable or reliable as the eBuddy Messenger and this is why you should download this application and see just how impressive it is.

eBuddy Messenger is a really impressive instant messenger program that will enable you to communicate with all your friends and send messages in real time without the need to use obsolete communication methods like email and wait for response. All that you need is the eBuddy Messenger and this application will make the entire task of communicating with your friends as simple as it can get.

The friendly interface that eBuddy Messenger has, makes it a lot more accessible than similar free programs that you can get like MSN Droid or Meebo. This simplicity is precisely what makes eBuddy Messenger as popular as it is today and you can be sure that you will find it extremely useful the moment you start using this great application as the speed with which it can send and receive messages is really impressive and the fact that eBuddy Messenger is extremely stable makes this program even better.

One of the best messengers that you can download

With eBuddy Messenger on your system you will have a really reliable and stable application that you can use to easily communicate with all your friends in a fast and simple manner which few other similar programs can allow you to do. eBuddy Messenger simple interface could use a bit of an update and few extra tools, but overall eBuddy Messenger is a stable and reliable instant messenger that you should definitely consider.

eBuddy Messenger is a great way to communicate with your friends.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Small system requirements
  • Free
  • Few advanced functions
  • Minor issues with file transfer

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