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Picture Motion Browser will be watching over your images and videos

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Picture Motion Browser is a viewer and catalogue program that allows you to keep all your photographs under control. Have you ever spent a long time looking for an image? This application lets you find it in just a few seconds.

Picture Motion Browser gives you the possibility of ordering all your pictures. Just what you have to do if you want to look for some ones taken in a specific day, click on the year, the month and finally on the day. It’s a quite simple system for those who don’t know where their images are.

Check all your photos with Picture Motion Browser

Apart from having this simple help, the app gives you several possibilities in order to control your images. For example, to make it more comfortable for you, it has a face search. You can look for pictures of the same person or couple.

Besides, Picture Motion Browser has several tools related to videos. You can edit videos from a quite simple editor that will allow you to do it as if you were a professional. Also, you can extract frames from a video a take it as a fixed picture.

And, why don’t you share your videos? Picture Motion Browser allows you to do it on the Internet. Just you have to click on the tab ‘world’ and choose the platform in which you want to upload them. You can select from the well-known YouTube to others like Crackle or Daily Motion.

Similar programs

You don’t need to be a completely professional to use these kind of programs. Free Photo Viewer supports different formats to watch your photos, from GIF, BMP, JPEG or PNG. It’s free and quite simple to use it.

If mobile phones are your passion, you can also try Resco Photo Viewer. It’s an application specialized into phones, which offers a great amount of possibilities for your photos. However. this app has a free trial period of 31 days.


Picture Motion Browser is a complete program that will help you organizing your photos. Besides, you could edit videos, get frames or even upload them to the Internet.

  • Free
  • Quite complete
  • Tools for videos and photos
  • Quite simple for advanced users

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