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Read your files everywhere with Adobe Reader LE

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Adobe Reader LE is an information manager which allows you to read any kind of file in PDF format in your device.

Forget being connected to your computer the whole day because you need to read a PDF document. Thanks Adobe Reader, you could read PDF wherever you want without any problem. A new revolution in information manager.

Read wherever you want with Adobe Reader LE

Nowadays life is mobile, and nobody works without the help of his or her mobile phone. But when you want to read a common PDF file, you couldn’t do it in your device. Adobe Reader LE lets you work without being disturbed. You could read that file in any place through your mobile.

Adobe Reader LE’s interface is quite intuitive, even more for those who are used to work with Adobe Reader in their desktops. Besides, this program not only allows you to read; it also lets you to do it properly. It changes the paper into a single-column view, which is easier for reading in your mobile phone.

If you can’t read something because still is too small, you will be able to zoom in and zoom out at any moment. Furthermore, this application gives you the possibility of reading it in full-screen viewing mode, which is more comfortable for you if you are not using the rest of the apps.

Similar programs

Before starting this application, we really recommend you to try Word to PDF. Sometimes we want to change something in the document or just to convert it in a more common format. With this app you could change it and then being able to read at any place.

When you have it in the PDF format and you are a fan for free programs, you should try PDF Reader Mobile. Thanks to this application you could do the same as Adobe Reader LE but without paying anything.


Adobe Reader LE is the ideal app for those who need to read PDF documents and don’t want to be disturbed of not being next to their computer. It has also the full-screen option and you’re able to zoom in and zoom out when you want.

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