Acrobat Distiller 4.01 update Free Download


Acrobat Distiller, the tool to convert PostScripts into PDFs

Acrobat Distiller 4.01 update Free Download screenshot

Acrobat Distiller is a software tool that will ameliorate the functioning of your Adobe Acrobat. It will give you the possibility of creating PDFs from Postcripts applications.

The original Adobe Acrobat Professional was designed to display, modify, print and create Portable Document Format files, that is, PDF documents. However, this software didn’t include the possibility of generating PDFs directly from Postscripts applications.

This option is now provided by Adobe. With Acrobat Distiller you can turn PostScript documents into PDF.

Acrobat Distiller 4.01 update Features

Although the conversion is one of its key features and strongest points, this program offers many more advantages and improvements. To start with, it is presented in more than 7 languages, including Spanish, Asian languages, German, and of course, English.

Secondly, it has incorporated security options and some information about the process of converting; a procedure which indeed, you can be watching while is taking place. Furthermore you will be able to pause or completely stop it, as well as to choose the settings and the fonts you want to use.

This software has also fixed some of the bugs of Adobe Acrobat Professional. Now with Acrobat Distiller you will be able to work with large documents, and to show and print documents with Type 3 fonts, which before presented some kind of wrong functioning.

All these features and functions will be contained in just one window, options that eases the process of converting as users will not have to be constantly changing from one to another.

Alternative programs

One of the available alternatives to Acrobat Distiller is Nitro PDF, software with which you could manage and create PDF documents, and convert them into different formats for their edition. PDF Converter is also a choice that will allow users to create this kind of documents by converting other formats into this one.


Acrobat Distiller fixes some bugs that will improve your usage of Adobe Acrobat Professional and furthermore gives you the chance of converting PostScripts applications into PDF documents.

  • Supports PostScripts files
  • Fixed errors
  • Light on resources
  • No many advanced options