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Photoshop Express, a complete tool to edit images on your mobile phone

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Photoshop Express is a photo editing application that will give users the possibility to retouch their photos from their mobile phones.

This software will offer you the same tools of the original version of Adobe Photoshop which is available for computers. You will be able to edit your pictures right after taking them without the necessity of transferring them to your personal computer or laptop.

Photoshop Express enables you to use Photoshop tools in your mobile, which makes it more complete than most similar applications. Usually, the most common apps around the Web only give users the possibility to put on pictures a couple of effects but not to really retouch them. With this application your photos will have a professional touch.

Photoshop Express Features

With Photoshop Express you can upload your pictures to any social network and it will not be a difficult task thanks to its handy interface. This will also facilitate you the cropping, tweaking, and the adjusting of colour of your pictures.

In order to correctly use this program you will only need a SD card, and you will be able to upload up to 2GB of documents. Furthermore you can use this application from your personal computer or laptop. This software will allow your mobile phone to work through the PC.

Alternative software

Another good option to Photoshop Express can be Skitch, a free application to edit your pictures, note directions in maps, and take screenshots, which is not difficult to use and is also light on the resources of your mobile phone.

If you don’t want to give such a professional touch to your pictures but instead what you want is to have fun with them, FunPhotor will let you put your face in funny images or to reproduce yourself next to a famous person.


Photoshop Express will allow you to make professional retouching from your phone, which will make it faster, and furthermore you will also be able to share them at the moment.

  • Simple interface
  • Direct uploading to the Web
  • Wide range of edition options
  • You need a SD card

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