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  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: 0.9.6 (standard)
  • Date Updated: APR-22-2015
  • Developer: Borisov Sergey

KD Player, a very useful audio player for your mobile device

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KD Player is an audio player software that you can easily download and use with your mobile device.

Aside from communicating with other people, capturing precious moments, and various office tools, one of the most sought after functions of your mobile device is its audio functions. Using your mobile devices, you can escape from boredom and relax anywhere by listening to music. And for you to experience all these, you need a very versatile audio player like KD Player.

Easy to use

KD Player provides simple and easy to access tools that will help you in utilizing this application. After downloading this software, you no longer need to install other tools. All settings are geared up and are ready for usage.

KD Player can play almost any format on your mobile device. It promises no chance of stuttering, buffering and other disturbances that other tools cannot prevent.

KD Player has its own volume control separate from the volume control of your mobile device. This software can also scan your playlist or different music libraries in an easy manner. One of the best features that this application has is that users can customize the theme design using pre-designed skins based on the taste of the user that will satisfy his/her desire.

Other alternatives to KD Player

If you are interested in other audio players, you can try GOM Player or Xion Audio Player.

The first one is a multimedia file player which also gives you the possibility of adding effects to the songs you reproduce.

The second one also offers support for reproduction lists and integrates an equalizer with ten bands.


KD Player is an easy to use media player on your mobile device. The simple downloading processes make it fast and simple to utilize.

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  • Easy to utilize
  • Free
  • Limited tools

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