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  • Version: 1.4.9
  • Date Updated: FEB-27-2015
  • Developer: HandyGames

Lead the French Revolution with Townsmen 6

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Townsmen 6 is a strategy game in which you will have to lead your men to fight against the royal army.

Townsmen 6 is placed during the French Revolution, but don’t you worry, no beheading will be shown in this game. Indeed the game itself is based on how to fight and in controlling your army, the historical period is a mere excuse to establish the final goal and the setting.

Users will have to create their own towns, control their economy and development and finally fight against the king and his men.

Development of Townsmen 6

Don’t think that this game is just about getting there and fighting. Before being allowed to perform these missions, you will have to completely develop your cities. You will have to build up bakeries and farms, but first, in order to construct them, you will have to create woodcutters and quarries that will provide you with the needed materials to later construct your objectives.

In Townsmen 6 you will have to regulate the economic cycles of your towns and to teach your men how to fight. This way the game includes some features to customize the action. Get your town the best resources possible, train your men to become brave soldiers and finally get rid of the tyrant.

Although at first sight these missions of building and feeding inhabitants can seem a bit discouraging, you will soon be able to get constructions by force, or if you prefer, persuading them by your speaking. Furthermore all these initial tasks will serve you as a previous training to later face the royal army.


There are some good alternatives to this game like Art of War 2: Global Confederation which is also a strategy game for your system and has some customizable options. If you want to have real challenges try Stolen In 60 Seconds with a thief theme that will charm the players.


With Townsmen 6 you will be the responsible of your inhabitants and of leading them to reach the victory over the King.

  • Good graphics
  • Realistic setting
  • Complete control on the development of the game
  • Beginning not challenging

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