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Adobe Audition, A professional studio at home

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Adobe Audition, previously Cool Edit Pro, is an audio editing program useful to convert your material into professional sound to record, enhance, modify and put additional features to your music.

Add effects to your tracks using Adobe Audition

There is a wide range of functions that this program provides in order to mix your tracks and to create pro material. These features go from cutting and pasting like most of audio programs to detect certain beats without telling him. Besides, this software let you work with particular frequencies instead of forcing you to edit the entire wave.

An organized and changeable appearance

Whether you are a professional or not, this editor will help you mixing your songs and converting them into advanced stuff in a simple way thanks to its new interface which is clean and intuitive. It has multiple options but if you want to change the look you can do it by editing the appearance of the software.

Variety of sound editing

Cool Edit Pro had two types of edition mode, simple or multitrack while this updated version has four modes to edit your sound files including an improvement of multitrack edition where noise has been reduced. The Audio Editor is compatible with more than 20 extensions and it also has the ability to edit tracks with a big size. When you finish your work it is possible to export your material to a lot of formats.


Adobe Audition is a professional program capable of edit audio tracks in a high quality level and to modify your stuff to convert it into music made in a studio. It has a lot of different features to work with and a modern look which makes this program perfect to use if you are an advanced user.

  • Organized appearance
  • Supports a lot of formats
  • Useful to edit particular frequencies
  • You need a very good sound card
  • Advanced editing tool

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