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Talk with your friends the way you always wanted with FriendCaller

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FriendCaller is a video and VoIP application to communicate yourself with your contacts in diverse ways.

The application will allow you to connect with your friends through videoconference, chat or just voice calling, all of these from an Internet connection. Get in touch with all the people easily with instant messages and discover a new world of mobile possibilities with this application.

Use it anywhere and anytime you want and enjoy an economical way for connecting with everyone you know without waiting or paying excessive costs.

Create your list and begin to speak with FriendCaller

FriendCaller creates a list with your contacts in order to manage them properly and find your favourite friends instantly with the online list where they appear when they are connected. As we said earlier the callings have no cost at all since the application uses your Internet connection to establish the contact with other users.

Create your own Caller ID in order to make yourself visible to your contacts and to the people you might know in order to be added to their list. Once you have created the account, the service will ask you to make verification of yourself to not use the application anonymously.

Messages and video callings

FriendCaller allows you to send multimedia messages with pictures, animations, videos, links and even calendar entries and location information. These features are very useful to communicate with your friends. That makes it funnier than ever thanks to the images provided and the sharing option for your mobile elements.

The quality of the video calling depends on your connection, but usually it has a very good grade that makes it a great application for those users who want to keep in touch with their relatives, regardless where they are.


There are other utilities for your mobile phone with several uses like WhoIsCalling, which detects the identity of those who call you in order to avoid spam. There is also available TrueCaller, which finds your friends numbers and allows you to get in touch as well.


FriendCaller is a good application for any mobile phone for connecting and speaking with your contacts and sharing files and information with them. The video quality is pretty good as well as the audio. Now you will be able to enjoy completely your phone with FriendCaller.

  • Video quality
  • Contact list
  • Rich content messages
  • Few advanced options

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