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  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: 5.35
  • Date Updated: APR-21-2015
  • Developer: TRUE SOFTWARE

TrueCaller, the software for mobile that helps you find your friends by only typing their name without the need of a PC.

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TrueCaller is a free mobile app that you can download to find someone’s phone just by putting his name. It acts as a global directory thanks to its ID service being able for providing true personal information as birthdays, photos and personal number.

A dynamic and free worldwide directory with TrueCaller

Imagine that you meet someone but you didn’t have the opportunity to ask him/her for his/her telephone number. Users can download this software for searching contacts in a fast and easy way. When someone adds you to its network, it appears a request on your screen to let you decide if you want to connect with the person. This phone application also gives the possibility of sharing every one’s directory so it is constantly updated.

It blocks spam

The app detects the numbers that could be suspicious or related to spam and gather them creating a blacklist which you can block immediately. When it is installed in your phone the program suggests you to connect with Facebook to access to your contacts numbers and personal information as if you were on your pc.

Other programs like WhoIsCalling have a poor interface and others like FriendCaller don’t have a huge database as this application. It is also compatible with all mobile platforms and it is available in twelve languages.


TrueCaller is an excellent ID reader very useful to search telephone numbers and to block spammers that constantly upset you. It supports the main mobile platforms and it gives you the chance of sharing your directory to your network which makes this program a dynamic database: a new way to be in contact with your friends and to add new numbers in your directory.

  • Simple to use
  • Compatibility with all mobile platforms
  • It detects spam
  • Global database
  • Poor but growing directory

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