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Read the stories of 500 writers and upload your own work with Wattpad Mobile

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Wattpad Mobile is a free application dedicated to literature where users are part of a huge community for sharing stories. Once you download this app, you will be able to read a large variety stories. How can you do it? Enjoying the material uploaded by other users or adding your own on the application.

Enjoy literature on your mobile with this app

The platform is totally free. Wattpad Mobile connects over 10 million readers to 500 undiscovered and published writers. It works thanks to active users who add thousands of new documents every day to its library. How many files you upload it’s up to you.

Wattpad was launched in 2006 and most of these users are based on United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Philippines and Australia.

A good thing about this platform is that the users can read the material on multiple devices, such as phone, computer or tablet. Due to the huge community of people that prefer reading the stories using a cell phone, over 70% of the total users, Wattpad decided to design a specific app for smartphones.

How this application works

Wattpad Mobile is a massive e-book community: you can download all the documents you want, take your favourite books wherever you go and choose between the authors you like the most.

Using the app and finding the content that you want in order to download is pretty easy as Wattpad has a simple, basic and intuitive structure. For example, searches are done quickly as they can be organized by author, title, genre or language.

If reading isn’t enough, why don’t you start writing? Wattpad is surely a good place for undiscovered authors who want to start making their small pieces of literature as they can connect with a big audience who can test their work.

Once you’ve published a new text, you’ll be able to see if readers like your story thanks to three useful indicators: reads, comments and likes.

Connection between readers and writers

This mobile e-book application allows the readers to gather stories into reading lists, vote them and comment with other readers or writers.

On the other hand, writers can use this app to interact with their audience, build a community of fans and get feedback which will help them to create new content. Wattpad Mobile also enables authors to publish their stories serially or even collaborate with other readers or writers.

Due to its strong connection between readers and authors, Wattpad is a virtual place which grants a social reading and writing experience.


With Wattpad Mobile you will be able to become part of a huge community of readers and writers with the same interest as you: discover and share good literature. If you like writing, you can even upload your own work.

  • Stories can be taken wherever you go
  • Free
  • Easy and intuitive
  • Interactive
  • Good feedback
  • Writing is copyrighted but people might steal your ideas
  • Some users say there are too many teenager/romance stories

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