Talking Tom Cat 2.6 Free Download


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  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: 2.6
  • Date Updated: MAR-11-2015
  • Developer: Outfit 7

Talking Tom Cat allows you to have a pet living in your mobile

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Talking Tom Cat is a mobile phone game that lets you interact with a cute cat as it repeats whatever you will say with its funny voice. He will talk in the same way as you do.

There are countless games and software that are now available on the Internet which you can download for free directly to your mobile phone devices. But only a few of them will give you the exact enjoyment you are looking for.

Uniqueness of the game

There are loads of mobile game simulations nowadays and many were inspired by playing of different instruments. Other game types that dominate the world of mobile devices are those which require you to think and plan strategies. Talking Tom Cat is a unique mobile device application that sets it apart from other games because it offers pure enjoyment.

Talking Tom Cat provides you with a pet cat to interact with. This application allows users to talk to a cat in a funny way and feed it as well. You can give command by simply pressing different buttons with corresponding actions.

This game was named accordingly because of its ability to repeat everything that you say just after a few seconds once you stop speaking. This application can record what you’ll say for up to 30 minutes and repeat them using its own voice.

Similar mobile games to Talking Tom Cat

This app is very easy to install and use. Besides, it assures fun and entertainment. Angry Birds is another game that can be played on mobile devices. Both became so popular for kids and adults alike, but Talking Tom Cat is definitely entertaining for children.


Talking Tom Cat is advisable for people who like to kill their free time. It is a fun and easy to play gamein which you only have to talk as you please, but the enjoyment that you can get is worthwhile.

  • Easy to use
  • Gives fun
  • Light to use
  • Repetitive at some point

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