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  • Date Updated: MAY-16-2014
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Fring, an instant messenger software for mobile devices

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Fring is a communication software for Android mobiles that uses VoIP Technology that allows you to get free voice, video calls and chat on your mobile device. In order to use it, you have to log in the official website ( and then you can download this version. You will forget old ways to communicate with other people!

Fring supports most online chat services. You can also use it to check Facebook, Twitter feeds, and even listen to music to in one single platform based on your mobile phones without logging in into various communication and messaging programs.

This is a practical solution for those who are using instant messaging software without the expensive rates.

Fring is simple, easy to use and flexible

This app is easy to install and with an user friendly interface. Its design is established on everyday use of the mobile phone. Once registered you can import your contacts by clicking the add-ons section and the chat service you want to access. After logging-in, contacts are automatically extracted and can easily be viewed into the main window.

An inexpensive and funny app in your Android

You can use the live text and group video chat, for free, with up to 4 of your friends all at the same time on your device. Fring offers Dynamic Video Quality Technology that gives you the highest video and audio quality possible to match your connectivity.

Other features included are its file transfer and view history function for added convenience.

Alternatives to this version

There are other applications for your mobile devices that support similar functions. One of these is Slick which also allows the users to chat between them through different protocols like Yahoo or Facebook. Skype mobile also allows to chat and to do videoconferences with your contacts.


Fring is an innovative communication software for Android phones which is easy to install and user-friendly interface. Its VoIP technology suits your voice call, video call and chat needs. It can achieve the highest video and audio quality for anyone to enjoy.

  • User friendly interface
  • Easy to install
  • Includes file transfer function
  • Chat services
  • Absence of modern IM/VoIP functions

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