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  • Date Updated: MAY-22-2014
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Be protected against virus with AVG Mobile Antivirus Free

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AVG Mobile Antivirus Free is an antivirus for your mobile phone to keep it safe from external risks like malware, virus or phishing.

With this application you can be sure that your mobile device is safe since it will be protected against new threats that constantly attack the different systems. This way you can protect your personal device and the vital information it carries from security problems.

Scan your mobile with AVG Mobile Antivirus to avoid malware in your files and your installed applications that can put in risk your device.

Simple functions and yet powerful

The software detects and then stops the threats that can attack your system and provoke malfunctions and data loss. Activate the malware files detention to get rid of those annoying viruses. The application will erase the files that are contaminated to keep the system safe.

AVG Mobile Antivirus has different scanners for increasing your security like the App Scanner for applications or the Settings Scanner to optimize the security of your mobile to its maximum performance.

Protect and improve your device with AVG Mobile Antivirus

This application also allows you to optimize the battery use of your mobile phone. You can set the different parameters light the bright of the screen or the use of the Internet connection. This way the battery will last the time you need.

The active widget it provides will keep you informed about the notifications that take place on your device. It will fight actively against all kind of menaces, so you won’t have to worry anymore about your mobile security.


There are available certain applications that also will keep your mobile safe. Norton Smartphone Security has similar features in order to protect every kind of devices. Antivirus Bullguard Mobile is also a good option since it is especially designed to fight against malware.


AVG Mobile Antivirus is a great application to keep your mobile safe from external malware that can risk your information. Scan your smartphone and keep it optimized easily with its options.

  • Easy software
  • Very light
  • Free
  • Lacks advanced features

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