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Create and modify your 3D projetcs with AutoCAD

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AutoCAD is a CAD tool that will help users with their advanced digital projects both in 2D and 3D.

Is a very precise utility that will be really useful if you have to do complex design projects, as it is indicated by its name, it is a CAD, computer aided design. With this tool you will form the perfect couple together with your computer and no design will become a rival for you.

With AutoCAD you can create buildings, shapes, engineering projects or maps with a huge number of precise tools. It will not only let you create complex elements, but also simple design adapted to all your needs.

AutoCAD 2016 Features

Apart from creating them, with AutoCAD you could edit any 2D or 3D project, as well as the default settings and items they bring. In addition it will not be necessary for you to create your projects in your computer and render them, but you can also draw them by hand and then scan them.

Actually you will not have to create fixed projects; users can also select the “3D Free-Form Design Tool” and change every detail they want, modifying whole projects if necessary. This tool will let you pull and push shapes and edges and slide movements.

Its interface has been modified and improved through the years, and it has become much more intuitive for seasoned users, but in spite of this amelioration AutoCAD is more suitable for experts than for beginners. This is not because of its interface but because of its functions, really complex and precise; however, there are lots of tutorials about AutoCAD that will ease your process of getting started.

Alternative software

If you are in projects of design but AutoCAD is too complicated for you, you can also try FreeCAD, which offers very similar functions, although less precise, and will be easier to use. Another good alternative is VariCAD, which will also let you model 3D and 2d projects in a professional way.


AutoCAD is a very complete and precise program that will help you to design your projects and edit any detail of them in a very accurate way.

Only 30 days of use

Nagged screen

  • Accurate and precise
  • Great number of tools
  • Complete control on you projects
  • Very complex

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