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  • Date Updated: MAR-20-2015
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Need for Speed: Most Wanted is a new version of the most popular car racing videogame

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Need for Speed: Most Wanted is a car racing game developed by EA Black Box. It is part of the Need for Speed saga and the previous version of NFS: Underground 2. You will surely be able to enjoy this free version once you download it as it runs on a large variety of OS like Mac or Windows 7.

The game keeps in the same track than older versions. Street races and police pursuits are the essence of this game which has been launched in multiple devices.

The gameplay is also similar to the others games of the saga with maps and cars modifications. You will have several enemies who will do as much as they can to sabotage your car so your main goal will be defeat the leaders of each region and escaping from the police that will be after you every time.

Game modes

NFS: Most Wanted has three game modes. The first one, Quick Race, allows the player to choose a car and start a race. Feel free to pick up the car you desire and get ready to run. Career mode follows the storyline of the game: You will have to achieve challenges depending on the region to face the leaders, earn money to modify your car to run faster and multiple options.

The third mode is called Challenge Series. In this you will have 68 challenges to complete in order to have access to new cars and bonuses you will be able to download and introduce in your game. There’s also a Blacklist with the fifteen most wanted racers of Rockport and you will have the opportunity to confront them with different challenges.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted also has a multiplayer mode in which you will play online four different game modes against three users.

Take your car and turn up the volume with NFS: Most Wanted

In this version of Need for Speed there are a variety of new cars such as Audio TT, Cadillac CTS and many more, among the ones that appeared on previous versions of the saga like Lotus or Lamborghinis. You will unlock faster and better cars as long as you succeed your challenges.

As other versions of the saga the music livens up all scenarios. You can listen to The Prodigy, Jamiroquai or Bullet for My Valentine. There is also room for hip hop as in the GTA saga.


NFS: Most Wanted is a car racing videogame in which you will move around the city of Rockport while confronting leaders and getting away from the police, all of this with the best cars and background. It will run smoothly in different OS like Windows 7.

  • Free trial version
  • New game modes
  • Supported in different OS like Mac, Windows XP or 7 among others
  • New cars and scenarios to download and implement in your game
  • Poor graphics

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