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Proteus, professional tool to work with 3D electrical designs

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Proteusis a 3D design tool to create and simulate printed circuit-boards (PCB).

This program has been especially developed for those people who work in the electronics field and are interested in designing and simulating electronic circuits in a simple but professional way. This way, Proteus allows you to work with electrical designs in 3D and it can create complex projects.

Proteus requires a technical knowledge to start using it, so it is not indicated for beginners. Despite this fact, it counts with an intuitive and organized interface which has been redesigned in order to facilitate the user any task. For example, it allows you to drag and drop the different objects and elements you want to place on the interface.

Proteus 8 Features

Proteus is composed of two applications called ARES and ISIS. ISIS is mainly focused on the design of a real circuit board and how it works with the different elements that a PCB has. For example, it allows you to simulate microcontrollers and its different connections in real time.

On the other hand, ARES is able to route and place the different objects and is used to generate printed circuit boards.

Besides that, one of the good things about this program is that it is very versatile and is able to effectively integrate all the parts of the project.

Proteus incorporates a common database which allows the user to automatically update the data of the different modules which are part of the main project. In addition, the 3D viewer has been improved and lets you see changes and modifications in real time.

Other alternatives to Proteus

If you are looking for other applications to get a professional touch but in other field, you might be interested in Rhinoceros, a 3D modeler which enables the user to work with NURBS curves.

On the other hand, AutoCAD is design software which assists the user to design, create and modify objects in 2D or 3D.


Proteus is a useful and practical 3D design tool which can suit the needs of those professionals who work in the electronic field. However, is not indicated for general users as it may seem too complex.

  • Great integration
  • Professional result
  • Simple interface
  • Not suitable for beginners

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