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Efficiency and easiness with Epson Stylus TX220

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Epson Stylus TX220 is a Printers for this model of multifunction printer to enhance its performance and for exploiting correctly all its functions.

This printer allows the user to get high quality printouts in an easy way thanks to its direct interface and the speed up to 34 ppm. Its 1.5” LCD screen gives you access to pictures that you have in an external memory such as a SD card or a USB flash drive.

With Epson Stylus TX220 you will have your print studio in home either for your personal use, saving money for each copy and configuring all the features you need.

Epson Stylus TX220 6.72 Features

The installation process is pretty simple. Connect the printer to your computer, install the driver provided and be ready to use all its possibilities. The design of the device is elegant and tries to save the more space possible.

Since it is a multifunction device, it includes a scanner for making copies of your physical documents faster as possible. You will be able to digitalize your papers or even your handmade drawings since its quality is pretty advanced.

Epson Stylus TX220 provides card slots and USB ports to make your printings instantly without having it connected to your computer.

Improve the quality of your images

The color quality that this device provides is pretty outstanding with a high resolution up to 5760dpi. As it is mentioned, the speed of both scanning and printing is really high. This way, it can saves you lots of time.

The physical interface allows the users to make instantly certain actions without the necessity of being connected all the time to a computer.


In order to increase the quality of your printings you can use Quark Print Collection, an image editor which allows the user to manage the pictures to get the better possible result. Print Manager will help the user to organize the impression of all its current images and documents.


Epson Stylus TX220 is an advance multifunction printer especially made for those users who want the best quality for their work or even their personal pictures. Speed and quality are the main features of a device that undoubtedly gives what it promises.

  • Excellent resolution
  • Fast printing
  • Physical interface
  • No wireless mode

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