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Zuma’s Revenge, a fun and easy to play bubble bursting puzzle

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Zuma's Revenge is a puzzle game in which its main character is a frog that has to go through different temples.

In this game, the temples work as levels and the frog has to complete the objective by eliminating coloured balls. Therefore, the key of Zuma’s Revenge is to shoot multicoloured balls and make combinations of the same tone in order to remove them.

While playing this game, you will take the role of a frog which is surrounded by marbles that approach their destination nonstop and try to reach the golden skull situated next to the frog.

Wide range of levels

Zuma’s Revenge counts with more than 60 levels and different game modes in which you will need to show your reflexes and speed. All the different levels work in the same simple way: you will find a long chain of balls that you have to eliminate.

Once you match three or more spheres of the same colour, they will be removed from the playfield. If you eliminate all of them, you go through the next level. However, if the coloured balls are able to reach their destination first, you will lose and the game will over.

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Zuma’s Revenge is a puzzle game which suits the needs of users who just want to kill time while playing an easy and yet fun game.

You will be able to play for 60 minutes

  • Great variety of levels
  • Different game modes
  • Easy and fun
  • Music is a bit repetitive

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