Need for Speed: Undercover Download


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  • License type: Commercial
  • Version: Demo
  • File Size: 219.55MB
  • Date Updated: APR-07-2014
  • Developer: Electronic Arts

One of the best arcade racing games that you can get

Need for Speed: Undercover Download screenshot

The really massive competition in the genre of Action racing games on Windows platform, makes it really hard for most new games to gain any attention, but if the game is really impressive like Need for Speed: Undercover is, that won’t really be a problem.

Need for Speed: Undercover is the latest racing game from the well known Need for Speed series that will allow you to race with our friends and perform a whole range of new and interesting things in Need for Speed: Undercover. Need for Speed: Undercover will allow you to drive your favorite cars in an open world and race trough different towns and really interesting tracks.

Apart from bringing new race tracks and game modes, you will also get to enjoy in the much more improved police chase system that is now a lot more real and actually gives you the chance to escape. Need for Speed: Undercover also forces you to avoid all kinds of different obstacles like road block and spike strips as the cops start caching you which makes the game much more fun. Similar games in the series like Need for Speed Underground 2 or World Racing, are fun but simply don’t have that interesting fast paced gameplay that Need for Speed: Undercover has.

Great racing game

Need for Speed: Undercover does come with a lot of new and interesting content but there are quite a few minor problems as well. Technical issues might crop up with Need for Speed: Undercover and to make things recognizable, the storyline that follows this game is not all that fresh, you might be able to find better ones in some games that are free for download, but in the end Need for Speed: Undercover is a fun racing game that never looses its appeal. It’s a must have download for racers.

Need for Speed: Undercover is a fun and interesting racing game even with its issues

Trial Version Limitations

  • Some functions are restricted.

  • Many cars
  • Numerous games modes
  • Free world map
  • New missions
  • Technical issues
  • Pointless story