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  • Version: 2011
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  • Date Updated: NOV-14-2013
  • Developer: Electronic Arts Inc.

Experience the Thrill of a Football Game Without Leaving Your Home with Fifa 2011

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Fifa 2011 is a football simulator designed by EA Games that has redefined football videogames as we previously known. As an enhanced free trial version of its predecessor, Fifa 2010, this game will provide you lots of features to download and use in your gameplay.

Developed by EA Games, this edition introduces new changes to the usual way playing sports on a virtual platform. Fifa 2011 offers a wider selection of features that will bring real-life football game inside your home.

An improved game mode for single player and an emphasis on online playing, this new edition offers some things that the fans will love. A better gameplay, making it a good simulator and, the update of the teams players that change all years are good reasons for getting a try on this Fifa 2011.

Fifa 2011 has enhanced gameplay

This EA game includes new features that will give you more satisfaction in playing this game than the 2010 version. Fifa 2011 allows you to select whether you will play just an ordinary game or an entire tournament.

Another thing that takes it to the lead is that Fifa 2011 enhancement of the player’s movement. The facial expressions are more varied and their movements are almost real.

Updated version

Fifa 2011 provides new teams, new game modes, and similar features that will grant you more fun. Improvements made from its predecessor, Fifa 2010. Another feature of Fifa 2011 is the new manager mode. It allows you to control your players and not just play what was set on the game. Moreover, there are different mods you can download for free and apply to the game.

This feature will let you feel like a real coach of a real football team and manage the team however you wanted to. All these new features of Fifa 2011 give you more satisfaction than comparable free games like Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 and UEFA EURO 2008.


Fifa 2011 is a software that any avid fan of football can enjoy. The new features can add up to the enjoyment that the player could get. The offered features will provide you almost a real-life football game experience.

Demo Version Limitations:

  • Some functions are not available.

  • Free trial version
  • Easy to download and install
  • Enhanced graphics
  • New game modes
  • Game play that you can control
  • May be complicated at times

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