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  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: 3.1
  • File Size: 2.74MB
  • Date Updated: MAY-26-2016
  • Developer: Aresgalaxy.

Download and share your contents with a big community of users

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Ares is a file sharing freeware in which you can download anything you want easily. This last version is fully compatible with Win7 and even with newer operating system.

Ares is a Torrent client which offers you to look for any file you want to download and connect with other users in order to share materials between them thanks to its search engine and its speed.

In addition, while you are moving around the program looking for anything to download, other users are doing the same as you. Ares is a huge file sharing network which works thanks to thousands of users who download and share content.

Share your music and meet other users

With Ares you won’t only transfer files but also chat with users worldwide. There are chat rooms divided in different topics where you can join and start talking with other people with similar interests. For example, there are chats for each musical or cinema genre.

Talk about your hobbies, ask for advice or for specific files that you would like to have in order to make the most of its performance. The channels you like can be gathered in a list which you can personalize as you want. Besides that, it provides several radio stations.

Verify your stuff easily with this last version

Ares is the best P2P client in files preview thanks to its media player service. Unlike the most Peer to Peer like the classic eMule or even the titanic µTorrent, this client has a great accuracy which makes it one of the biggest communities. There are still tons of loyal users who love this program and keep it on the edge of file sharing.

Simple interface

Installation process is very easy and will only take you a few minutes to have it on your computer. Although it depends on your operating system, you won't have problems with, for example, Win7 or latest versions. Ares provides a library to organize files and multiple tabs to make several searches at the same time.

You don’t need to configure your computer to use it. When you install it the program scans all the files of your device in order to share interesting content with other users. Everyone will find anything they want to download very easily.


Ares is the file sharing software par excellence since it still has one of the biggest communities of users sharing files and it offers a great P2P service with a fast search engine and online chat rooms.

  • Easiest P2P client
  • Big network
  • Wide range of chat rooms
  • Simple installation
  • Stability problems

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