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  • Date Updated: AUG-13-2013
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Intel GMA 900, a small and yet powerful driver to enjoy games and multimedia content

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Intel GMA 900 is an Intel driver which you can use to optimize the performance of the graphic card of the same brand.

The above mentioned utility is an important and required component for those who want to play video games and watch television or DVD but don’t have a recent graphic card which enables them to enjoy these contents at a high quality. Intel GMA 900 accelerates graphics on your system.

Besides that, Intel GMA 900 avoids graphical issues which affect your system. For example, some users experience problems when they format their computers or upgrade the operating system. If this is your case and you start noticing issues with a negative impact on your PC, you will probably have to install this driver.

Similar drivers to Intel GMA 900

One of the good things about this tool is that it is very easy to install and to use since it doesn’t require any extra configuration. Once you have started the process, the driver takes a few seconds to start running on your system. In addition, this Intel utility is free, very small and doesn’t consume a lot of your system resources.

In general terms, its functioning is pretty similar to other components that you can use to speed up your graphics such as Intel GMA 3100 or Intel GMA 950. Both are also free, small and don’t need to be configured.


Intel GMA 900 is a driver that you can use to speed up your games or multimedia content and enjoy graphics at a high-performance.

  • Free
  • Small application
  • Doesn’t need to be configured
  • Doesn’t have interface

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