Foxconn n15235 1.01 Free Download


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  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: 1.01
  • File Size: 32.81MB
  • Date Updated: JUL-30-2013
  • Developer: Foxconn

Take advantage of your Foxconn n15235 motherboard

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Foxconn n15235 is a motherboard driver for his model of device for your computer system.

In order to make it function correctly you must to install this driver. The motherboard is the basic component of a computer since it is there where each other element is placed such as the RAM memory or your Hard Disk Drive.

With this drive you will get your Foxconn n15235 to function correctly without any issues.

Foxconn n15235 1.01 Features

Install this driver package to take a real advantage of your hardware, to make it function better and to get rid of possible problems it may cause. This way, keeping updated your motherboard, you can be sure of the correct functionality of your hardware and the device compatibility.

Foxconn n15235 provides its own internal soundcard. This way you won’t need other sound device than headphones or speakers to make your computer sound properly. This driver will also make it to function well solving some issues that you would have noticed.

Hardware specifications

This motherboard possesses an on-board soundcard, 2 slots for memory DDR2 SDRAM, one expansion slot AGP among a front side bus of 800 / 1066 / 1333 MHz. Its main ports are SATA and IDE for diverse connections such different Hard Disk Drive models.

Installing this driver you will get rid of the annoying bugs of the system that may appear if you hadn’t this updated pack. Don’t’ risk your computer work and leverage your hardware real power.


There are so many components in the computer world that probably you will be lost without a bit of help. If you have some other motherboard just check the real model of your devices and look for the correct driver. Foxconn G31MV-K is a VGA driver for a different model of motherboard. You may also check the Intel Core i5 CPU Media Accelerator Driver for your computer in order to improve its performance.


The driver for Foxconn n15235 is a necessary element for your computer in order to increase its performance and to make it work correctly. If you have this hardware just install it and don’t risk your computer safety.

  • Easy installation
  • Small size
  • Completely free
  • Only compatible with this model

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